Active Pharma Ideas has agreements with specialist added-value companies to promote their activities to the pharmaceutical industry.  Please contact us for further information.


HAPILA GmbH (Gera, Germany): Founded in 2007 by scientists and technicians with significant experience, HAPILA offers the highest levels of expertise to solve demanding problems in the development and manufacture of pharmaceutical ingredients. Their services comprise three core areas: synthesis, purification and particle design.  


Customers are offered development of multistage synthesis processes to manufacture highly active ingredients supported by all relevant quality and regulatory documentation. HAPILA also has extensive know-how in the evaluation, development and optimization of crystallization processes for the purification of pharmaceutical ingredients, intermediates and fine chemicals making them the ideal partner for problem-solving regarding substance purification. 


In Particle Design / Particle Engineering, and in cooperation with partners, they have built extensive know-how in technologies for physical conditioning.  Customers benefit from tailor-made solutions providing optimal bio-availability for galenic formulating. 

For an expert and experienced provider of solutions for your development, manufacturing and optimization needs, contact -

HAPILA GmbH: Dr. Uwe Mueller / Managing Director


phone: +49(0)365 - 20 586 930