Active Pharma Ideas is investigating a number of industry topics and a selection is shown below. We have a collaborative approach to ideas so please use the contact form to join the discussion or start new ones.


How will the bioactive and registration dossier landscape evolve given costs, process and regulatory complexity?

What will prescribing patterns look like with multiple biosimilars on offer?

At what point will biologics be available on a more affordable global basis?


How many realise this is an EU-wide, not just a UK, issue when it comes to patient access to medicines?

How will key stakeholder interests (patients, medical professionals, regulators, industry) be reconciled?

Will negotiators understand the complex landscape of regulations that underpins the industry?


What is the likelihood of cannabis-based products entering mainstream medicine provision?

Can a common regulatory and licensing approach be developed across regions?

Will industry provide confidence to regulators on clinical efficacy, product quality, and supply chain security?

Global Sourcing

Will the growth in sourcing APIs from Indian and China continue at the same rate?

Will the newer generation of APIs be manufactured by a new generation of manufacturers?

As competition accelerates, which manufacturers will move elsewhere in the value-chain?

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