The pharmaceutical landscape has never been so complex and demanding, nor have the opportunities been greater. That is why, following 30 years in the pharma actives industry, I established Active Pharma Ideas. With senior roles in strategy creation, business development, principal management and having led international teams in global sourcing and sales, I bring together a rare combination of experience spread across multiple functions:- market analysis, portfolio development, supply chain & distribution, compliance and sales.


Track record includes:

- Directing API sourcing for generic first-to-market blockbusters

- Creating business development strategies for global API/excipients' distributors

- Leading international pharma product development and sourcing teams

- Building and enhancing active ingredient portfolios 

- Establishing multi-regional distribution agreements with pharma majors

- Overseeing GMP compliance at multinational organizations

- Providing consultation to industry on pharma issues and trends

Working with Active Pharma Ideas, clients benefit from:  

- Experience and expertise from multiple business environments

- In-depth understanding of the opportunities and risks in the pharma industry

- Highest standards of professional conduct and ethics

- Exceptional relationship-building and international networks 


Active Pharma Ideas offers insight, opportunities, value and vision


Chris Gould

Managing Director